Mike & Bev Creiglow

Missionaries to Brazil


Then and Now

Cruzeiro do Sul has changed a lot since Mike first came in 1961. It has changed even more rapidly since Bev arrived in 1971.

Arriving in Cruzeiro do Sul on a DC3 airplane

Group of people that came to meet them at the airport.

The city now has 24 hours of electricity. The first few years after Bev arrived in Cruzeiro,lights were provided for the center of town by a large generator. It was turned on everyday from 6 to 10pm. Five minutes before it was turned off, the lights would blink. This was to warn everyone that they had just a few minutes to light a candle or Aladdin lamp.

Almost every house now has running water. When Bev  came in 1971, they would catch rain water in a cistern and had drinking water carried in a few times a week.
Just about every street is now paved. More streets are being opened and paved. There are too many cars and motorcycles for a city of its size.

Almost everyone has some kind of cell phone and most houses have satellite TV and internet.