Mike & Bev Creiglow

Missionaries to Brazil

Visiting Dulce Glória

When Mike left Foz do Breu and returned to Cruzeiro do Sul, he told his home church about the visit with the Ashaninka Indians. One of the things he mentioned was the guitar the Indians had. It was so old, it had to be held together with tape. One of the members of First Baptist Church, without hesitation, donated a new guitar. He also told his home church that he’d promised a small tail motor if the Indians would make a canoe. This was for their mission trips to reach four other groups of Ashaninka Indians, those located further into Peru.

Mike with Pastor Alfredo and his new guitar

The Ashaninkas on the Peruvian side of the Juruá River are isolated from the rest of Peru. The river they use flows from Peru into Brazil and is not connected with other Peruvian river systems. For this reason, many of their supplies must come from Pucallpa, Peru on a small plane. Other things come from Brazil, so getting the basic things they need are very expensive.

When it came time for the trip in May, Mike went as far as Foz do Breu, on the Peruvian border, in an aluminum speedboat.  There he left his boat and continued upriver in a wooden dugout canoe.  He was accompanied by the missionary who had been working at Foz do Breu and a Peruvian policeman. The reason for security was that some Jaminaus Indians they would pass along the way were is known to be a bit unfriendly.

It took six hours to reach Dulce Glória, where the Ashaninka Indians live. There are about 300 Indians living in the village there. Mike and the others with him were treated royally and were well fed. Over 80 Indians attended the service the first night. During the service, Mike presented them with the new guitar, and then preached in Portuguese (with a little Spanish here and there.)  He had to totally depend on the Holy Spirit to do the interpreting!

On Sunday morning, there were over 100 present for the morning service. After preaching, Mike was asked to sing.  So he sang to them in an unknown tongue (Portuguese) a strange kind of song about an unknown God. The God who is known for His limitless grace!

After the service, Mike talked with leaders, discussing how to get the gospel to the rest of their village and other Indian villages on the tributary. As he was getting ready to leave, three more of the believers asked for baptism. After quizzing them (through an interpreter) about their salvation experience, Mike baptized them. On his second trip to Dulce Glória, Mike presented the Ashaninkas with a new tail motor. His son-in-law, Dauro, went with him on that trip.

Mike is very excited about the open door to extreme foreign missions. He has dreamed, ever since he was a young man, about taking the gospel as far as the Brazilian-Peruvian border. Now he has done that and gone beyond -- into Peru. God has made his dream come true!