Mike & Bev Creiglow

Missionaries to Brazil

What is AMDE?

Zico is the coordinator for AMDE

It makes a difference!


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acronym that stands for;





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From all over Brazil, Christian doctors and dentists come together to do mission work. Many times these mission trips are up rivers and in places they never dreamed of going. They go to serve others with their profession and usually are blessed more than the people they help. It is hard work, but very seldom do they complain. All their work is volunteer and the medicine is donated by churches and Asas de Socorro, which is the Brazilian version of Aviation Missionary Fellowship. First Baptist Church sponsors at least 2 clinics every year.


Mike has been on most of these trips. One trip is on the Juruá River and the other on the Moa River. They last anywhere from six to ten days, depending on how many villages are on the river.


The leaders or mayors of the places they visit, make sure they have a place to set up their tents and supply most of the food. Usually there are hundreds of people that are attended during these mission trips.  Every night a service is held to tell the people about Christ.

  • Children watching the puppet play.
    Children watching the puppet play.
  • Charlene teaching the children.
    Charlene teaching the children.
  • Cooking for the group.
    Cooking for the group.