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Missionaries to Brazil

Where is Cruzeiro do Sul?

A Little lesson in Geography

Brazil is larger than the 48 continental U.S.

The state of Acre is located in the northwest corner of Brazil, bordered by the state of Amazonas on the east and the country of Peru on the west. It is about 4,960 square miles in size. It is the second largest city in the state of Acre. It has a population of close to 86,000 people. The Juruá River flows by the city on its journey to the Amazon River, 2,000 miles down stream, as the river flows.

Cruzeiro do Sul was founded on September 28, 1904. The city was named after the constellation “Cruzeiro do Sul”, which translated means “Southern Cross”. This constellation is visible year round on clear nights in the southern hemisphere.

Cruzeiro do Sul is approximately 400 miles from the state capital, Rio Branco. Access between the two cities is very difficult. To date, the road is not completely paved and is only open during the drier months from June through September. Most of the supplies, including many food items, arrive on barges on the Juruá River. The airport is nine miles from the center of town and has daily passenger flights.