Mike & Bev Creiglow

Missionaries to Brazil

Mike's Story

A missionary in the making

Michael Dean Creiglow was born in Columbus, Ohio on February 14, 1948 to parents  Bobby Dean Creiglow and Betty (Bessie Elizabeth Walt) Creiglow. They later had three daughters: Brenda, who married Jon Nix and lives in South Carolina, Arlene, married to David Bradley, lives in Kentucky. Arlete, her twin sister, is married to Larry Moore and lives in South Carolina.


Before he met the Lord, Mike’s father Bobby was into stock car racing and drinking. There were times when he’d even set a bottle of beer in front of his young son and allow him to have a drink. Mike was five years old, when, in 1954 his father Bobby moved the family to Florida.  He’d heard that everyone was getting rich there, but that didn’t turn out to be the case for Bobby Creiglow.  Even though he held many different jobs during the six years they lived there, Bobby became the poorest he’d ever been in his life. What he didn’t know at the time was that God had bigger and better plans for his life.


In 1955, a man named Bruce Lunsford witnessed to Bobby and Betty Creiglow, they were saved shortly afterwards.  Shortly there after, Bro. Lunsford,  went to Brazil as a missionary, and continued to be an influence in Bobby's life.   It was in 1957 that Bobby Creiglow felt the Lord calling him to go to Brazil as a missionary.  On May 4, 1958, their son Mike was saved in Sanford, Florida at the West Side Baptist Church.  That same year, Bobby founded the Park Ridge Baptist Church in Gotha, Florida.


Bobby, Betty, Mike and Brenda Creiglow came to Brazil in 1960.  They spent one year in Manaus, in the state of Amazonas, studying the Portuguese language. One year later, it was time to make the move to Cruzeiro do Sul, Acre, where Bobby felt called to serve. The Creiglow family made the 49-day trip on a paddle wheel steamboat up the Juruá River.  That was an experience Mike will never forget!


They arrived in Cruzeiro in October of 1961, and it was like stepping back in time. No paved roads, no electricity, no running water, and no cars. Betty had a very hard time adapting. At one time, she was ready to move back to the states, but Bobby knew this was where the Lord had called him to serve. It took a while, but she did adapt.


Mike was called to preach in January 1966. In February of the same year, he left for seminary in Manaus in the state of Amazonas. There, he lived with John and Alta Hatcher while studying. During vacation time, Mike would return to Cruzeiro to visit his parents and make more mission trips along the river.


In September of 1966, a young couple that lived near Cruzeiro had twin girls born to them. They were unable to care for them, so Bobby and Betty took them home for a while. At that time, the babies were two months old and both were sick and under weight. As the months went by, the Creiglows fell in love with those babies, and after appealing to the girls’ parents, they were allowed to adopt them. At the age of two, Arlene and Arlete legally became part of the Creiglow family.

For years, Mike traveled the Juruá and Moa rivers and learned how to build boats with his dad as instructor.  Even as a young teenager, he made many of the mission river trips alone. There were times his parents didn’t even know where he was, but God kept him safe and Mike preached to many people. There are many stories about his mission trips, but those will come later.


In 1968, the Creiglow family went to the United States for a furlough. While there, Mike enrolled in Clarksville Baptist College to finish his Bible studies.  It was in June of 1969 that he met a young lady named Beverly Keltie and would later ask her to marry him.

  • Mike played the accordion for many years, helping his dad on their mission trips.
    Mike played the accordion for many years, helping his dad on their mission trips.
  • Mike went to seminary in Manaus for two years.
    Mike went to seminary in Manaus for two years.
  • If you asked Mike which he'd rather ride; a horse or motorcycle,guess which he'd pick?
    If you asked Mike which he'd rather ride; a horse or motorcycle,guess which he'd pick?