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Bev's Story

Little Did She Know!

Beverly Jean Keltie was born on December 19, 1950, in St. Louis, Missouri.  Her parents, John Adam and Myrtle Virginia (Denton) Keltie, welcomed a fourth daughter into their home at that time. Beverly’s older sisters are Marilyn Sue, Brenda Joyce and Janet Elaine. There was a lot of love in their home, and Beverly was taught from an early age about the Lord and His word.

John Keltie, Beverly’s father, had a hard youth and suffered much at the hands of a cruel uncle. He was saved during a revival meeting when he was 14 years old. Beverly’s mother, Myrtle, grew up in a large family with parents that knew the Lord and trained her to be a young lady. Myrtle was saved at 16 and married John at 19.  He told her he wanted a real home and was determined to raise their children with the love he didn’t experience as a child.

In the early 1950’s, the Keltie family moved to Alton, Illinois where Beverly eventually became a big sister to Nancy Lorraine and Jonathan David.  While in Alton, her father began attending Bible studies with John Hatcher, who at that time was pastor of People’s Baptist Church. When the Hatchers left for Brazil in 1955, the church then called John Keltie to be their new pastor. The Kelties soon moved into the church parsonage at 3201 Oakwood Avenue, a place that holds many wonderful memories for Beverly and the rest of the Keltie family.

Her father John did just as he promised God: he raised his children to know and serve the Lord. He was the kind of father any child would want and could tell a Bible story like none other! John and Myrtle spent quality time with their children -- taking them out for ice cream, to the park or just playing in the backyard. As a result, the Keltie home became a haven of love, laughter and eventually a place of hospitality for many evangelists and missionaries.

As a result of one loving home (John and Myrtle), six other homes and families have been established: Marilyn married Gayle Osborne and lives in Chandler, Indiana. Brenda married Allen Dennis and lives in Troy, Alabama. Janet married Larry Ellis, pastor at Richland Baptist Church in Livermore, Kentucky. Nancy married Phillip Potter, pastor of Faith Baptist Church in Leighton, Alabama.  Jonathan and his wife Denise make their home in Cape Girardeau, Missouri.

Beverly was saved at the age of nine during one of her dad’s sermons. After years of Sunday School training and watching her sisters leave for Bible college, Beverly graduated from high school in 1969. Two of her sisters - Brenda and Janet - were living in Clarksville, Tennessee, and attending Clarksville Baptist College at that time.  Not exactly sure of what she wanted to do in life, Beverly left for Clarksville Baptist College the day after high school graduation.  Perhaps while there, she would find direction.

  • (L-R) Beverly, Janet, Brenda & Marilyn. Taken by the Mississippi River
    (L-R) Beverly, Janet, Brenda & Marilyn. Taken by the Mississippi River
  • The Keltie Klan. Brenda, Marilyn, Myrtle & John.Front row: Nancy, Jonathan, Janet & Beverly
    The Keltie Klan. Brenda, Marilyn, Myrtle & John.Front row: Nancy, Jonathan, Janet & Beverly